About Hunt's Mackinaw Pastie & Cookie Co.

Pasties originated as a meal for the miners of Cornwall, England, and later Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Wives would bake meat and vegetables in a crust and wrap it in many layers of linens or newspaper for their husbands' lunch. The pastie provided a hot and nutritious meal that had good holding capacity and could be eaten anywhere. This full-bodied flavor soon became a favorite with locals and visitors alike. View our historic photos...

The Hunt family, Dick, Jean, Donna and Rob, and their dedicated crew, have been making pasties since acquiring the Mackinaw Pastie Shop in 1983 and have gained a reputation for serving the finest pasties in Michigan!

Choose your favorites from our menu. We also added a line of gourmet cookies baked fresh every day.

A trip to Northern Michigan is not complete without a visit to Hunt's Mackinaw Pastie & Cookie Co.!

Open 7 days a week year-round

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